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The Fort Wayne Komet Hockey Club is committed to providing the Fort Wayne area with affordable family entertainment while maintaining the standards of excellence that have been benchmarks of the Komet franchise since 1952.
The Komets are owned by Summit Sports, Inc., a group of individuals who were all born and raised in the Fort Wayne area.  The majority of our owners still call Fort Wayne home.  Accordingly, we are committed to keeping the Komets a thriving and growing part of the Fort Wayne area landscape through a combination of aggressive community involvement and tremendous community support.  We fully recognize that the true owners of the Komets are YOU... our many fans, supporters, and corporate partners.  We are simply the custodians who dedicate our lives to ensuring that Fort Wayne Komet Hockey remains true to its core principles and standards for many many seasons to come.  We will one day hand off to another group committed to the same.  That is our promise to all of you.
But we cannot do it alone.  We would be nothing without the support of our fans, customers, and partners.  No matter how you choose to support the Komets, you are the lifeblood that sustains us.  There is a way for everyone to be a part of the Orange and Black... whether as a season ticket holder, corporate partner, group organizer, or just a casual fan.  Please contact us and we will dedicate the necessary efforts to get you on board... keep you on board... and make sure that YOU become a part of the future Komet Hockey as we look to continue our proud traditions of the past.
We look forward to hearing from you, we look forward to getting to know you, and we look forward to welcoming you into our Komet Kommunity.  GO KOMETS!
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