Donation Requests

The Fort Wayne Komets organization realizes the important role we play in the community; and the responsibility that goes along with making Fort Wayne a better place to live, work, and play.  Due to the significant number of in-kind donation and player/mascot appearance request the Komets receive, we have established procedures for requesting support.

                •    Requests must be made six weeks prior to the event date
                •    Requests must be typed on official organization letterhead
                •    Donations will only be granted to organizations and events hosted in the Fort Wayne
                     area and surrounding local communities
                •    Organizations must be charitable or nonprofit in nature

Please include the following information on the request:

                •    Type of event
                •    Event date, place and time
                •    Mailing address for organization
                •    Contact name and phone number
                •    Beneficiary of the event
                •    How the donation will be used (raffle, auction, door prize)

Please mail your request to the following address:
Fort Wayne Komets
Donation Requests
1010 Memorial Way, Suite 100
Fort Wayne, IN 46805

Email requests will also be accepted at

  • facebook
  • twitter
  • youtube
  • instagram

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