The Orange Collar Crowd

You will use the same cards as before but everyone does need to create an account at to utilize this new Rewards Program.

To Start: 

  1. Create an account.   If you already have a account (not an orange collar account), then log in and skip to Step 2.
    • Typically, one account per family is all you need (every card does not need an account)
    • NOTE - Points are used on an account basis, not on a card basis.  So, if you want to make separate purchases and redemptions on a particular card you need to make a separate account for that card.
    • If you want to combine points among your family, just create one account
  2. Add all the cards you want to attach to your account.  The points from ALL cards attached this account will combine.  This is a new feature.

What’s New

The Point System

  • Each game is worth 50 points, but regular season Wednesdays are worth 100 points
  • Five points are awarded for every $5 spent at the souvenir stand (minimum $5)
  • One point is awarded for every $1 spent the Teamstore
  • Bonus points may be available at outside events such as Meet the Komets, etc

The Rewards

  • The reward is now a cash discount on all merchandise.  Every point you have is worth one cent.  (100 points = $1).  At any time during the season you can use your points as a discount on merchandise at the Souvenir Stand or at the Teamstore

Redeeming your points

  • At the Souvenir Stand just bring your card to the stand and use as many points as you wish (in multiples of 25, i.e. 25 cents)
  • In the online store you will be shown an option to use your points.  Just enter how many you want to use.
  • All points will expire on July 1, 2014
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